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Nad-e-Ali A.S


ناد علی علیھ اسلام

Nad-e-Ali (A.S) Arabic & Irani

Nad-e-Ali (A.S) - Arabic


Nad-e-Ali (A.S) - Irani


Wazaif-e-Nad-e-Ali (A.S)

Nad-e-Ali (A.S) Online Book



Naad-E-Ali with English Translation


Call Ali (A.S), who is Manifestor of wonders, Thou shall surely find him helper in your difficulties, all grief and sorrow shall be removed. I submit my temporal wishes to Thee on whom I trust and always referred Thee to bestow fulfillment of temporal wishes. O! Having Thee bestowed support, O! Thee Appointed Wali, All grief and Sorrows will disappear, By Thee by Thy tremendousness O! Lord, By Thee by Thy Apostleship O! Muhammad, - Blessings of Thee on Thy Apostle & descendants, By Thee by Thy granted Power & Authority of Wail, O! Ali, O Ali, O! Ali Help!


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