Ayam e Fatemiyah 1438.h/ 2017

Imam Sadiq (a.s) said : Fatima(s.a.) has been called Zahra because the Glorified Allah created her from His Glorious Light. When it shone, all the heavens and the earth were bright with that light and the angel’s eyes were closed, and they bowed down before Allah. Then they said:”O our Lord and Master, what is this light?”

Allah revealed to them, “It is a light from My light, which is in Heaven. I took it from My Glory, and put it in the lines of one of my Messengers, who is the best. From this light, Imams will come, and who will be steadfast in obedience to My commands.” ( Bihar ul-Anwar, vol.43, p.12, 14, 15)

Bibi Pak Fatima (S) e-Books Collection

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Khutbat-e-Fatima (S.A) | Al Batool (S.A) | Khutaba Fidak
Fatima (A.S) - Apnay Baap Ki Maa | Ad-Durad Baida fee Manaqib Fatima Zehra (S)

Khutaba Fidak | Al Manaqib al-Fatmiyyah | Fatima (a.s.) Fatima (a.s.) hay
Islam ki misali khatoon - Fatima Zehra(s.a.) | Khutbat-e-Fatima (s.a.) | Sawaneh Fatima Zehra (s.a.)

Ziaraat Iraq & Syria

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Iraq Ki Ziaratin | Sham Ki Ziaratin | Dua & Ziyaraat

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Ziarat Iran Iraq Sham | Ziaraat-e-Arbaeen | Dua & Ziyaraat
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Dua & Ziyaraat | Ziyaraa - Audio | Dua - Audio
Ziarat Bibi Pak Syeda FATIMA Salamullah (A)


Please Recite Surah-e-Fatiha For Syed Wasi Haider Zaidi S/o Syed Hussain Ahmed Zaidi.

Majalis Audio Updates

Allama Talib Johri
Allama Ghazanfar Tonsvi
Allama Rasheed Turabi

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Ayam e Fatima (S)

Nohay Updates
1438 / 2016-17

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Books Updates

  • Bihar al-Anwar (Arabic 1 of 110)
  • Ali Waris-e-Ambia (Urdu) by Zameer Akhtar
  • Kashaf-ul-Asrar by Allama Syed M. Sabtain Sarsovi
  • The 500 Most Influential Muslims - 2016 (Category : Personalities)
  • Hadith and Seerat (Urdu)
  • Majalis - Israr e Ghadeer (Urdu)

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Manqabat / Qasiday 2016

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